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HuidBank Bogota, Colombia
Glyaderm® can now be made locally here. Transferring “technical knowledge” is crucial to ensure that plastic surgeons in those countries can independently provide optimal care to victims.


Together with his research team*, Prof Dr Ali Pirayesh MD, PhD developed the first non-commercial artificial skin Glyaderm® for the treatment of very serious burns and other large and deep wounds. He and his team donated the patent for this invention to the non-profit organization Euro Tissue Bank for the benefit of fire victims and patients with other serious injuries, including in third world countries. Glyaderm® is therefore cheaper than the classic alternatives, much more elastic and relatively easy to make. With a classic skin transplant, the top layer of healthy skin and a small amount of the skin underneath is removed. Only a small amount of the underlying layer can be used, because at the patient’s donor site it is precisely that layer that is needed for the skin to grow back. Glyaderm® uses human donor skin where the cells are washed out. This preserves the natural structure of collagen and elastin fibers in the matrix, while removing anti-genetic material so that the skin cannot be shed. The second layer of skin is also transplanted in this way, so that the patient’s cells can grow back in the transplanted area. The result is both functionally and cosmetically most similar to autologous (own) skin. Glyaderm® has the property of restoring the natural, three-dimensional structure of collagen and elastin.
Glyaderm® can be used for the reconstruction of the dermis and unstable scars, deep burns and reconstructive surgery. Glyaderm® can be easily stored and preserved in 85% glycerol, which is scientifically proven to eliminate microorganisms and viruses. Prof Dr Ali Pirayesh MD, PhD is affiliated with the burn center and the Plastic Surgery department of the University Hospital in Ghent and continues to conduct research into plastic surgery, burns and tissue engineering under the leadership of Prof. Dr Stan Monstrey and Dr Henk Hoeksema.

Glyaderm Inventors

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